I found it increasingly hard to align myself with the teachings of the church, until finally I made my exodus.

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God’s Councilors

It may be a little brain wracking and hard to grasp, but if you just realize that heaven has ALREADY been brought to earth and so begin to live as though it is, these “spiritual truths” become self-evident.

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The Flavian Messiah

we can’t be afraid to explore DIFFERENT interpretations that may stand in opposition to what we think we know so that we don’t find ourselves close-minded, bigoted, religious nuts divorced from factual reality just because we don’t like the cognitive dissonance.

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How Zeus Became Jesus

In a wonderfully methodical and maniacal effort to control and subjugate the masses the Romans, in collusion with the Jewish religious leaders who remained after the destruction of the temple in 70 AD, built a new “universal (which is what “Catholic” means)” religion they knew they could use to control the uneducated masses, convincing them to hand over their goods, money, time and even lives to this “beast” of a power.

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